Fishing Charters

Package 1

8 hour (40-60 miles)

Package 2

12 hour (60-100 miles)

Package 3

15 hour (100-140 miles)

Package 4

36hr Pulley Ridge (150+ miles offshore)

Package 5

12 hour Tuna & other Pelagic's (Orange Beach, AL)

Package 6

12hr Daytime Sword (Orange Beach, AL)

Welcome aboard
The Big Naasty

Captain Rob Davenport

I am Captain Rob Davenport. I have been fishing offshore my entire life. It is without a doubt my passion. The only thing better than catching fish myself is watching someone else catch fish aboard the Big Naasty.
I strive to make each trip a trip of a lifetime. Whether you have never been on a boat or your a seasoned fishermen, this is the trip for you! Experience fishing the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico like never before, on our 42′ Freeman LR.
Bring your friends, make memories as family, or thank your clients with a corporate trip they will be talking about for years to come.
My crew and I look forward to fishing with you, our passion.

Image of Capt Crystal Fuston

Co-Captain & First Mate

Captain Crystal Fuston

I am Captain Crystal Fuston. I was introduced to saltwater fishing by my dad as a young child. From the first time I had a line in the water, it was all I ever wanted to do. 

I found my passion when I started fishing offshore charters with my best friend Capt. Rob Davenport of the Big Naasty. Seeing the smile on someone’s face when they catch a fish of a lifetime is so rewarding. To me fishing is so much more than just catching fish, it is about spending quality time with family and friends while making memories that will last a lifetime.

I’m proud to be part of the Big Naasty family, where we take pride in making each trip an unforgettable experience. It is our passion.

The Big Naasty

When you book a charter with us, you will be stepping aboard The Big Naasty.  An amazing 2021 Freeman Boatworks, 42LR.
This custom boat was built with you in mind! Quad Mercury 450 racing engines get you out into the Gulf further and faster than other charters. This means more time fishing and less time riding. Our Catamaran is hands down the most comfortable, smooth riding center console you can find for private charters.
Choose one of our charter packages or contact us for a custom charter anywhere on Florida’s West coast as well as Alabama and Louisiana’s Gulf waters.

Boca Grande, FL

Join us in Florida’s most sought after Mexican Gulf fishing grounds.

Orange Beach, AL

Fish the oil rigs, drill-ships and shrimp boats off Alabama. (March-April)

Fish species we target

Groupers are ambush predators. Put up a great fight and are excellent on the dinner table.

A plentiful reef fish in the Gulf waters. Tilefish have tender white meat with a sweet flavor

Red snapper is a reef fish and one of the most popular white meat fish.

Be ready for a high-speed fight against this highly sought-after game fish. Also an excellent fare for the table.

Be ready for an explosive bite and hard runs once hooked. Blackfin tuna are excellent in a variety of dishes.

One of the ocean's fastest, strongest predators. These highly sought-after sport fish make for an excellent trophy catch.

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